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Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Shivaraju H Puttaiah

International Journal of Environmental Health and Technology (IJEHT) is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal covering all areas of environmental science and sustainable technology relevant to the applied science, medical and engineering communities. IJEHT publishes full length original papers, short communications, review papers, Technical reports, letters, and periodic to the Editor. Papers are welcome, which apply environmental principles to understand environmental processes, remediation and relevant health problems. The interdisciplinary approach of the publication ensures that the editors draw from researchers worldwide in a diverse range of fields. The journal aims to be a leading peer-reviewed platform and an authoritative source of original research and reviews related to environmental health and sustainable technology. The journal is publishing print and online versions on a bi-monthly basis (6 issues per year).


Environmental pollution and Human health: Pollution (water, air & soil), Climate change and associated health issues, Fate and transport of pollutants (trace metal, pesticides, xenobiotics, aerosols, dioxins and furans, particulate matters, radioactive isotopes, bio-origin compounds, etc.) in environment and their impact on life system, Climate change and infectious diseases, Water born diseases and chemical agents, Emerging contaminants, Environmental challenges, Urbanization and environmental safety planning, etc.

Sustainable treatment and Remediation technologies: Bioremediation approaches for water and soil treatment (biomaterials and microorganisms), Application of nanotechnology (AOP, adsorption, & membrane filtration), Hazard waste management and health risks, Emerging technologies for treatment of hazard contaminants in water and air, Sustainable conversion of waste to energy and useful product, Carbon capture and sequestration techniques, application of advanced and novel analytical techniques, soil decontamination and industrial effluents (waste waste and contaminated air) treatment, application of GIS and remote sensing, etc.

Environmental biology and Ecological services: Wildlife Rehabilitation, Man wildlife conflicts, Sustainable agricultural management, ecological pathways and human interference, Lake restoration, Wetlands and biodiversity, Ecosystem conservation models and tools (forests, agro-ecosystems, wetlands, coastal and marine ecosystems), Ecosystem functions, Ecosystem services and human wellbeing, Ecosystems and global change, Forest and climate change, Forests and carbon sequestration, Forest, land and water nexus, Water, energy and food nexus, Eco-tourism and governance, Natural resources and sustainable conservation, etc.

Environmental management and Policy: Human health and environment, Environmental management and policy, Environmental regulation and governance, Health risk assessment and management, Environmental policy and socio-economic issues, Environmental laws and policies, Environmental standards and criteria, Environmental impact assessment, Industrial ecology and management, Emerging policies and tools, Environmental policy integration, Environmental governance and participatory, Environmental education and awareness, Policy instruments for better environmental regulation, Ecological economics and institutional dynamics, etc.

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